Peacock is a FREE tool for Your Business
to create viral offers on Twitter.
It's like Facebook Offers on Twitter.
Businesses powered by Peacock:
Easy Setup for Your Business
Login with Twitter.
Submit offer details or
sync with Facebook Offers.
Publish to Twitter.
Power of Retweeting
With Peacock, users retweet your offer when they claim it.
Works Online and Offline
Peacock allows you to choose how the offer is redeemed. At your website, offline business or both.
Setup Offers Now
Easy. Viral. FREE.
Peacock lets me send deals and discounts to my Twitter followers directly. Their friends also see the offers in their tweets. This viral effect brought a lot of new customers to my restaurant.
-- J. Brandau, Restaurant Owner
We run these promotions anyways, so Peacock just gained more exposure for us. Of course, more diners means better sales. Love it.
-- D. Bell, F&B Franchisee
Peacock helps businesses like mine expand reach on Twitter. Definitely drove online to offline sales.
-- R. Drigger, Boutique Owner
Costs me nothing to run, but helps boost sales and build brand awareness.
-- T. Rajaram,
Online Clothing Brand Owner